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Top 10 Camping Etiquette Guidelines Every Camper Should Know and Follow

Stick to these and you will be golden!


1. Clean Up After Your Pet – No one, we repeat, no one wants to step in or come across your pet’s business. When your pet goes to the bathroom, please be courteous to others and clean it up. Many campgrounds even have doggie bags to help in the effort. If you are not sure if they do or not, it never hurts to ask.

2. Respect Quiet Hours – When camping, you are on vacation, and you want to have fun. Campgrounds want everyone to have a good time! But one camper’s fun should never cause trouble or ruin another family’s good time. Even on your site, if your noise level impedes on other guests’ Quiet Hours, then you are too loud. You have all day to explore, make noise, and have fun. Once Quiet Hours go into effect, it is time to settle in and keep the volume down low. Many are trying to sleep and rest up for another fun day.

3. Know and Follow the Campground’s Policies – Every campground has rules, and those rules were set for a reason. Before your arrival and upon your arrival, familiarize yourself with the policies; they may be posted on a sign, on their website, or in their brochure. Knowing the do’s and don’ts can prevent you from receiving a fine, being asked to leave, or having an uncomfortable conversation.

4. Stick to Your Site – You wouldn’t walk through your neighbor’s yard at home without permission, would you? Of course not! So, avoid walking or driving through others’ campsites.Your campsite is your personal space while you are on vacation, so be mindful and respect everyone’s personal space.

5. Buy Firewood Locally – We know you want to go on vacation prepared. We get it! However, firewood is one of those things that you must buy upon arrival. Did you know there are firewood rules, regulations, and regulations? Yes, it is true! Pests of concern are different throughout the United States and Canada. Let’s not spread invasive species. Check out the Firewood Map here:

6. Fire Safety – First things first, check with the campground to make sure you are allowed to have a campfire. If they are allowed, never leave a fire unattended and be mindful of the weather conditions (wind, fog, drought). Once you are ready for bed, you are leaving, or you are simply ‘burned out,’ then put the fire out. It is smart to have a way to put the fire out before you even make the fire. Be sure to clean up all debris afterward, as well.

7. Respect the Environment and the Animals – We want future generations to enjoy camping just as much as we do. That starts with us. Respect the environment and the animals that inhabit our surroundings. Pick up after yourself and keep your distance from all wildlife.

8. Dispose of Trash Properly – We are in the great outdoors, so yes, if an animal smells the food that you left out, you will more than likely have a visitor that night. To avoid unwanted guests, dispose of your waste properly and do not leave trash sitting around. This goes for the common areas, too! Find the nearest trash can to toss out your food wrappers and other items.

9. Be Aware and Be Prepared – Before you take a trip, do a little research on the area that you are visiting (not just on the campground). For example, if visiting Myrtle Beach during July through November, you may want to keep a close eye on the weather since that is their Hurricane Season. Even if a hurricane is not in the forecast, the south does produce some crazy thunderstorms, so check for inclement weather and have a game plan for securing your items.

10. Smile and Wave – Most campers are friendly, happy people. Smile and wave to your neighbor; you may end up making a lifelong friend or just simply making someone’s day.

Stick to these and you will be golden! The most basic camping etiquette tip we can give you is to treat others how you would want to be treated. It really is just that simple!

So, pack up the camper, grab your tent, and let’s go Camping in the Carolinas.

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